Is a deep and honest understanding of who we are, what we resonate with and feel uncomfortable with.

The key to realness is self awareness. It is bringing you beyond the conflict and criticism, we may get from our mind and which prevent us to make us truly authentic and unique.

How to develop myself ?
How to be self aware of my unique gifts and talents ?

If you ever asked those questions, then you have been sensing a greater inner purpose and have been frustrated to try to evolve and grow into your realness.

In this moment of self awareness, the best you can do is to slow everything down, still your mind, your thoughts and step out from your life’s activities for a short period to find clarity. Because you have to find those gifts, give them to others in order to serve yourself and welcome a fulfilled life.
So go on a retreat, silent yourself, stop doing things and let those gifts come to the surface in order to meet your real Self.

So how do I do that?

I share with you my practice:

30 minutes grounding meditation

Find a comfortable seating position in a quiet place, use a pillow to elevate yourself and open your hips while being in a crossed legs position.

Inhale and exhale slowly and deeply. Now, concentrate only on the breath, the in and out flow, the up and down movement. Tune your mind with that movement for few minutes.

Next, you start to ground the energy from the breath all the way down to your belly, feel the belly moving forward with the inhalation, like a balloon, and move the navel to the spine with the exhalation. ​ Do this exercise for 5 minutes and place your hands on the belly to feel the movement ​. Visualize that you are bringing the energy down to your lower belly, visualize that you are releasing your head from thoughts, all the way down to your belly.

Now, visualize that each exhalation is a wave of thoughts and let all your thoughts dissolving gradually. Let all your exhalations be the thoughts disappearing with the waves going to the shore of a beach. ​ Do this exercise for 15 minutes.

Then, just see yourself as a still lake with no more waves at all, nothing is disturbing you and you are just your true nature reflecting into the lake. Look to the reflection of the real self and accept it fully.
Then relax for the last 10 minutes.

This is some of the exercises that I teach during my retreats or classes.
If you want to learn more about it, you can go to my website and see my upcoming events or book an online session.

May all beings be happy!

Sophie Foucher
Founder of Vitamine Sea