Did Others Ancient Cultures Practice Yoga?

Many years ago, while studying Yoga in India, I was sometimes puzzled in front of many Indians people claiming that yoga is their own science, own property and sometimes they will feel upset that “we” westerners are going to India to study it and steal their knowledge.

Of course first I agreed with all of that, thinking the same absurdity which consist of saying that “we” westerners travel to India to learn yoga through program that Indians teachers will teach in English, and then we go back home spreading what we learned to others, sometimes friends, family or sometimes customers.

So now, Yoga is everywhere and not just in India. But guess what ? That was always like this.

Yoga is free, Yoga is not from one country but it is a universal wisdom. ​ We’ve forgotten that these teachings were once an integral part of our own Western spiritual heritage. While most of this inner lore was lost in the West, it has been lovingly preserved in India.

And we are all grateful for the all Saints and Sage who had passed this precious knowledge for Self-realization.
Yoga is a way to focus on a central mystery, where one individual can claim “I investigate myself” to find the Spirit and the greatest Truths.

Yoga shows us that we will never find the limit of the Soul, no matter how many roads you take and how far or high you go. Yoga helps us to travel inside with meditation but there is no destination, it is just about the journey and lessons to bring your inner qualities out, something that no one can buy ever.

Yoga guide us to reclaim this divine awareness within, lost when we forgot our undying inner self and identified completely with a body.

Lasting happiness come to those “who have gained the true wealth of divine understanding”. They realize that the “Divine” isn’t something you can see with your eyes or hold in your hands, it doesn’t have a face or feet or gender, but is pure consciousness which extends throughout the entire cosmos…..

Greek before being the creator of science and democracy, was first spiritual adepts and here is a beautiful meditation practice, coming from them.


Start to sit in a comfortable position and read this below, let the words entering your being as you will to embrace your true nature.
  • Imagine the entire universe. Hold it as clearly and distinctly in your mind as you possibly can.
    See the whole cosmos as if it’s inside an unimaginably vast transparent sphere.
  • Visualize our sun and the stars in our sky. Then picture all the living beings on the earth or in
    the sea. Observe them calmly.
  • Call to mind the limitless vast Supreme Intelligence who created this universe. Ask it to enter your awareness, bringing with it all the divine forces that exist inside it. Notice that the Supreme Being and all its divine energies and all the creatures and objects and worlds it has created exist together in seamless unity. Imagine the Supreme Being’s unlimited power and awareness extending to all infinity.
  • Now bring this vision inside yourself, as if you are that all-pervading Supreme Intelligence. Hold the entire cosmos and all its powers and all its creatures inside your own all-pervading awareness.
  • Then let go of the visual images you’ve been imagining. Simply let all the scenes you’ve been visualizing dissolve completely. Instead, focus only on the living reality of the all-pervading Cosmic Intelligence who is silently present.
  • Don’t allow any sense of separateness to enter your awareness. Just immerse yourself totally in the divine presence.
  • Surrender yourself completely to the Supreme Being who, at this very moment, is holding you in its perfect, unitary awareness. The Supreme Intelligence is totally present in this moment, and there is no distinction whatever between it and you.
  • Mentally saluting the Supreme Being, shift your awareness back to your physical body in this physical room in this physical universe, and open your eyes.

This exercise seeks to unite your individual awareness with the cosmic consciousness which holds the whole universe in its awareness the way you hold mental images in yours.

This meditation was practiced in the city of Rome in the 3rd century AD. It is almost certainly the technique taught to Caesar Gallienus. It comes from the Enneads, a book written by one of the most famous spiritual masters of the Roman world. His name was Plotinus, and he was the teacher of the emperor and empress as well as numerous prominent members of the Roman Senate.

May all beings be happy!

Sophie Foucher
Founder of Vitamine Sea

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