Is Macrobiotic “just” a diet?

For many, Macrobiotic seems to be just a diet or is used associated to people with nutrition special needs.

It’s not wrong but it’s way far to be just that. Macrobiotic is a way of living in which offers a unique approach to personal transformation. It takes in consideration our human context in terms of body, mind and spirit connecting it to the rhythms of Nature. Macrobiotic is a philosophy and a lifestyle, an art of prolonging and revitalizing human life by cultivating, nurturing and re-framing the world for better.

«Macro» «Biotic»:

Macro means big and Bio means life. So, it resembles to the vast living natural world we belong to and co-depend as well.

It takes in consideration the universal laws such as the so known Yin and Yang energies analyzing their synergy between us and the food we eat as well as the impact it has on the environment.

If we take a minute to observe how this synergy works in it material form, we will easily find how Nature communicate with us in terms of what, where and when to eat. We can actually find this magic through some similarities between the food we eat and the benefits each one brings to us: walnuts are good to the brain, avocados to uterus, carrots to the eyes (cut a slice), cabbage to the heart, beans to kidney, and so one.

Can we eat anything?

The macrobiotic diet has no forbidden food, although it is based on food conscience, leading it to have a more vegetarian base today in a manner of combating the abuses of the food industry and the harm it incurs in our health and in Nature. It is based on the combination of the biology and alchemist potential of foods and the condition of each individual, respecting seasonality and geography of both.

The ultimate goal of Macrobiotic is to facilitate the rise of more integral, healthy and responsible human beings and thus a more peaceful and spiritual society and healthy planet.

The magic of Life

For me Macrobiotic came to fill the gap of understanding the invisible forces which drives and connect every living being. I aim to complement Macrobiotics with Biology, Environment, Ayurveda and other sciences because for me it is in the complementary of all these disciplines that lies the true understanding of the magic of life.

We are undoubtedly what we eat, for we too have a universe of living beings to feed within us and others to respect around us. Doing so responsibly allows us to achieve the splendor of our being that we all aspire to in terms of health, well-being, and understanding of life.

Be the change you want to see in the world!

Catarina Casadinho
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