New Year

The beginning of the new year is the time to set intentions for the next year ahead. Usually people tend to make short term goals for our new year’s resolutions. We create goals that are primarily attached to our physical form (i.e. to become fit). We do this because the visibility of our physical form is perceived by sight, our most dominant sense. This sensory perception creates a strong connection between the ego and the physical body, which in turn creates the perception that the physical body is the self.

As we enter into a new decade I invite you to consider diving beyond that which is skin deep and engage with all your senses to discover what truly composes the self and the soul. Ask yourself, “What do I want my life and my true Self to be like over the next ten years?” If envisioning your life this way does not come naturally to you try to think about some health or lifestyle practices and ethics you would like to explore. Some useful ideas might be:

  • I want more mental balance in my life
  • I want to exercise more to improve my health and mood
  • I want to have honest and equitable relationships with those who are important to me
  • I want my lifestyle to be more eco-conscious

The next step is to outline clear actionable goals to help you begin the process to adapt your new vision for the new you. Think to yourself, “How can I integrate new routines into my life to achieve my overall goal?” Start to incorporate one or two new routines over a month period before introducing the next new short term goal. Here are some suggestions for integrating healthy routines into your weekly schedule:

  • Make an effort once a week to have a picnic in a park or somewhere where you can feel connected to nature
  • Go for a walk or do some yoga once or twice a week
  • Pick a day in the week to journal about how you have been feeling emotionally
  • Have a lunch date once a week with someone different who brings positivity and honesty into your life
  • Buy locally sourced food and reusable items with little to no packaging

There are lots of ways to create a lifestyle that reflects who you want to be as a person. Just remember that bringing about any change in life can be done with small steps, perseverance and consistency over time.

Make this new year about achieving your short term goals that fit into your long term vision over the next decade. In time the new you will be grateful for the conscious effort made this year with your clearly outlined plan of action.

Most importantly proceed with optimism as you begin your journey as the new You into this new decade!