Lets celebrate Carnival

The carnival it’s one of the most celebrated event around the world, millions will enjoy the party where wear colorful masks and costumes and participate in a parade, which contains elements of a circus and a street party.

Carnival Confetti issue

One of the things most used on carnival celebrations is the confetti, small little pieces of colored paper or plastic that are thrown into the air during the course of carnival celebrations. These confetti will be spread around the streets and will end up on our oceans where animals will eat it and ultimately DIE!

Leaves for the rescue

There is a ecological and free solution for all to use instead of the commercial plastic or industrial paper full of toxic inks…  leaves are colorful and natural material that can easily used as a substitute and it is completely free (as long you have a hole punches).

So just gather you family, kids and friends, take a walk outside in to the wood and collect the leaves, choose different kind and colored leaves grab the hole punches and start creating your own free ecological confetti!

Level up the creativity

if you are a creative person that like to surprise others there are several hole punches on the market with different shapes.

In my case I’ve just went to a hypermarket and got 3 different shapes, leaves, butterfly and flower.

Check here a result on google and make your choice 🙂

Happy ecologic carnival to all