Will a forced pause change our way of living?

Throughout the globe a collective experiential shift is underway. Out of necessity we have been placed under restrictions preventing many of us from earning an income and most of us from spending it as we normally would. In our current economic system money is the most valued currency; a system driven by an endless cycle of human consumptive behaviour that governs our lives. So what happens when that cycle is disrupted?

Despite the terrible cost of a global pandemic a positive byproduct has now presented itself. We have all been collectively forced to take a pause in life. We can now stop and think without the constant societal pressure to make money in order to consume. This pause has provided us with the opportunity to find the space to focus on things far greater than money.

Because of this forced pause many are realizing that the most important currency to humankind is in fact not money, but rather it is time. Time is finite. We can always make more money. We cannot make more time.

Hopefully this shift in consciousness will sink in at a global level and lead to an overall reduction in consumption. Forced or not we should all strive to live simply within our means. Without an excess of money we can begin to release our attachment from objects. Perhaps this pause can enable us to be free of societal pressure. Perhaps we can become free of financial obligations that continuously commit us to buy more things that create a false sense of happiness.

Perhaps this new found freedom can enable us to devote our energy to what is most important: spending the time that has been given to us wisely. Value the time spent with friends and family. Value the time spent learning new skills and knowledge to evolve as a human being. Value time spent doing your bit for the environment and those who share it. Value time spent kindling the spirit of loving kindness and compassion above all else in everything you do. Focusing on time in this manner can lead us to live more purposefully and hopefully to experience true happiness.

How can I earn more time you may ask? Reducing stress means increasing health and vitality, which ultimately results in added time to your life span. Do whatever works for you to decrease stress, be it running, sleeping in, reading a book, cooking, journaling, bedazzling, practicing yoga, or just doing nothing at all. Embrace your authentic self. Admire who you are and what you like to do without any external pressure.

How will this crisis affect us on a global level? Undoubtedly there will be a myriad of effects we can speculate on but ultimately only time will tell. Until then settle in and spend your time enjoying your loved ones and yourself.

Need a suggestion of where to start if you are looking for a yogic practice for stress management? Below is a link to a short relaxation practice anyone can benefit from. Use it whenever you feel yourself needing a pause from the pause.

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