From the start

All my life I was always very keen to be involved in physical activities. My first memories started with gymnastics and badminton, or just climbing the apartment stairwells just like Spiderman. I would wait for people to cross by and then jump over them to scare them and see their reactions.

About two and a half years ago I had my first introduction to AcroYoga. It was a workshop put on by the Grisolia brothers. I have never heard about AcroYoga before and I had no idea what I was getting myself into 🙂

Addictive but healthy 🙂

I must warn you that AcroYoga is a very addictive activity, but in a good way. It is great not only because it is challenging, but also because of the Acro community itself. During the time since my initial introduction I’ve been in Jams, workshops, immersions and festivals. I’ve made so many new friends around the globe. Because of Acro I have met some amazing souls from Poland, Philippines, Costa Rica, Germany, Israel, USA, Canada, UK, Switzerland, Spain and many other countries.

I must also say that in AcroYoga a huge aspect of being part of the community is being altruistic. The community is also eco-conscious, unattached to material things and always really friendly. Of course in a community of any sort there are exceptions to the presence of friendliness. For example if you ever surfed in your life you probably encountered surfing locals who bully. Or in capoeira many members will have an inflated ego, which results in conflict among peers. There can even be intense competition within yourself in capoeira. Contrary to these types of activities, Yoga could be viewed as a safe haven promoting understanding and acceptance. These principles are most definitely found in the AcroYoga community as well.

The best part of practicing  Acro for me is to experience the joy on people’s faces when they accomplish poses they thought would never be possible to reach. Most of the students I have met in my workshops, classes and jams have displayed some form of traumas, phobias or fears. After a simple AcroYoga session no matter the race, age, culture, religion or social status we can clearly see how they took a step forward to overcome those insecurities.  We can all witness barriers imposed by our society break apart during Acro… and this is priceless for me. This is the main factor that makes AcroYoga so enjoyable and fun.

So… what is AcroYoga afterall?

For those who don’t know what AcroYoga is, it can be described as a mix between Yoga, Acrobatics and Thai Massage.

AcroYoga is split into lunar (passive) and solar (active) practices. There are three main roles of Acro participants, which are the base, the flyer and the spotter. Acro participation is not only an inner journey, but also a practice that requires building soft skills that our society nowadays lack so much. In Acro we develop skills such as trusting, sharing, communication, bonding, coordination, sense of responsibility, and much more. From a more physical health aspect you will gain strength, flexibility, brain activity and body coordination just to mention a few.

If you are curious about AcroYoga just join our community on facebook (AcroYoga Greater Lisbon), there you can find videos, jams, workshops and other resources about AcroYoga and related topics.

Do it properly… do it safe!

Just a side note but really IMPORTANT one, be aware that you should NEVER try AcroYoga without proper training.

It is important to gain all the knowledge you need to practice Acro safely and with a clear conscious knowing the dangers associated with the activity. Acro is like kite surfing in that way; you could try to do it alone, but would that be a responsible way to do it? So I strongly recommend joining workshops, classes or immersions before you jump into it all alone.

As I like to say “In AcroYoga even time flies”.

Most of all have fun and see you on the mat… in the park… or at the beach 😉

Don’t forget to join the community or watch the video below.

AcroYoga facebook Community
Yoga for AcroYoga Vid