For the Planet

As part of 6SensesYoga core mindset we are always looking for true soul connections and partnerships with people that inspire us and follow the same principles of sustainability and respect for others and our Planet.

With this in mind we are so proud and grateful for what Débora is doing with her baby project Planet Caretakers, from the start we gave her all our support and wanted to be more active on what her vision is.

Points in action

As part of the partnership 6SensesYoga is the head of the Planet Caretakers for Sesimbra area (Caretakers Sesimbra branch), where we will organize regular beach, forest and urban trash collect initiatives.

We will also give a yoga class before each clean action, as it is a good way not only for warm up the body, but also for mentaly prepare ourselves for the task ahead.

“If we do not take care of ourselves first, we cannot take care of others or the environment” 6SensesYoga

In addition 6SensesYoga also provide a special online class pass for all Planet Caretakers valid associates 

Planet Caretakers: 10 Online Yoga classes pass  

This Special pass grants for each Planet Caretakers Associate 10 online yoga classes for the special price of 75€ (normal price is 100€) valid for a period of 5 months long (normal is 3 months)

Planet Caretakers: Premium Cork Yoga Mat

We have a special Yoga Mat available for anyone, but with a special 10€ Off for Planet Caretakers Members

Why 6SY Yoga Mats?
⭐️Sustainable Materials
⭐️Local Manufactures
⭐️Perfect Grip
⭐️No Plastic

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