Regular Yoga Classes

Week day Type Starting Hours
Mondays Dynamic Fusion 1 18h30
Tuesdays Ashtanga Vibe 1 10h00 / 19H30
Tuesdays Vinyasa Vibe 13H30
Wednesdays Rocket Vibe 18h00
Thursdays Vinyasa Vibe 10h00
Thursdays Yoga for Athletic Men 12h00

All Classes are normally online and in-person, but its always best to check our online booking platform for a more updated classes and events.
In both schemes there are limited availability.

MomoYoga booking

We use MomoYoga online booking system to manage our classes, workshops and most of our events, this allow us to keep track of all the signups, classes availability, payments and all the logistic process.

This system also allows the students and participants to easily book and cancel classes/workshops, check availability, keep track of their own schedule and much more.

Rules to Attend the classes


You need to buy in advance our “1 Yoga Group Class (drop-in)” pass and have it in the paid state, so it becomes available to be used in our online or in-person group yoga classes.

5 / 10 / 20 Yoga Group Classes passes

These passes allow you to take 5 or 10 or 20 group yoga classes for both on-line or in-person scheme.
If you wish to use these passes for in-person classes you will need to own a valid “Annual Membership Subscription”.

The 5 yoga classes pass is valid for 2 months
The 10 yoga classes pass is valid for 3 months
The 20 yoga classes pass is valid for 3 months
Planet Caretakers Special pass: 10 online yoga classes pass is valid for 5 months

Annual Membership Subscription

This one time per year subscription is mandatory to attend our in-person yoga group classes, this will not only cover your insurance and also gives you access to our AcroYoga Jams held in our studio (6SY eco casa) for free and many other activities we regularly organize in the studio.

(membership not required for those only participating in online regular classes)
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Online Booking platform

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