Victoria(Tori) Mitchell

Yoga Teacher Trainer
Body & Mind Healer
Soul Traveler

Canadian Tori Mitchell is the founder and director of Vibe Yoga. Her passion for yoga sparked while studying abroad in Mysore, India twelve years ago. Unknown to her at the time Tori would return to Mysore years later to undertake studies in Ashtanga Vinyasa after her initial training as a Hatha yoga teacher.

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Diana Vaz

Proudly Writer
Architecture and Yoga Passionate
Vegan and animal lover
Soul Traveler

Passionate about nature and animals since she knows herself. Travel, sea and sports are part of her life.

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Joel Machado

Knowledge Seeker
Yoga and Sanskrit Passionate

As an eternal student , Joel has a degree in Social Psychology, he also studied Astrology at Quíron and a Master degree in Communication Sciences.

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Paulo Muiños

Musician Soul
Yoga Enthusiast
Photography Lover

A real artist! Paulo’s creativity and knowledge spans from Music to Photography or Yoga Philosophy.

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Dominique Agnes

Ancient Soul
Yoga Passionate
Vegan Awareness Evangelist

Despite very young, Dominique shows such a sweet and ancient soul, her passion about sustainable and cruelty free world actually serves as a powerful enzyme to everyone around.

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Catarina Casadinho

Food Creative
Yoga, AcroYoga and Dance Passionate

Passionate for the Natural world. Biologist and Environment Engineer she has worked as European project manager for the last years with the aim to heal the Planet.

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Sandra Rosa

Proudly Writer
Yoga Enthusiast
World Soul

Creative, curious, traveler and passionate about music, specially the effect it has on people, Sandra always seeks integrate what life teaches us into everything we do.

As a way to run away from the daily stress at work, Yoga appeared in Sandra’s life about 10 years ago. It wasn’t easy at first to integrate it in a daily routine, but quickly realized that it brought her the inner balance she was seeking for.

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Sophie Foucher

Ayurveda Evangelist
Proudly Writer

Sophie is the founder of Vitamine Sea Travel. She is an adventurous, outdoor activity and nature loving who is now living in the tropical Asia and Europe.

After several years working as a Fashion Buyer for luxury brands in Paris. In 2013, she decided to dedicate her time to study in Asia and received practical training in Yoga, Ayurveda, Energy healing and discovered more about natural health.

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Gisele Ferreira

Talent Seeker
Proudly Writer
Yoga Enthusiast

Gisele is a creative and resilient entrepreneur with a strong sense of mission and cooperation. Charismatic and cheerful, she is passionate about life!

Devoted and curious by nature, she is always looking for new Knowledge and new ways to integrate what she has learned into her life and her yoga classes.

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Pedro Olivença

Eternal Dreamer
Yoga/AcroYoga Evangelist and Passionate

From an early age Pedro showed great appetites for sports and activities that combines both physical and mental.

The first contacts with yoga were in 2016 and in 2017 had the first contact with AcroYoga. Since then Pedro started to combine years of knowledge on sport activities along with the yoga life philosophy resulting in a complete, balanced and harmonious way of life.

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