New Year Celebration 2021/22

From 31st December to 2nd January we will gather together in Meco, Portugal for a New Year Community Celebration

Dec 31st

  • 16h arrival begins
  • Potluck New Years Celebration with sharing food and drinks, each one brings or cook in the facilities to share with others (a family environment scheme)
  • Bring or dancing shoes and favorite tunes, Espumante is on us!

Jan 1st

  • Ashtanga Half Primary + arm balance progressions
  • Free Acroyoga Jam
  • Social Games
  • Fly Thai (lunar Acroyoga)

Jan 2nd

  • Heart Opening Vinyasa Flow + backbend progressions (for acro)
  • Guided AcroYoga Jam
  • Lunch by Leaves Café
  • Full Partner Thai Massage
  • 18h departure


215€/person if we reach 15 signups
200€/person if we reach 19 signups

So invite all your friends, the more we are the cheaper it becomes for everyone 😉

Rooms Availability:

🥳 Room for 2 persons (sold out)
🥳 Room for 2 persons (sold out)
👍 Ensuite with 3 single beds (spots available)
👍 Ensuite with 3 single beds (spots available)
👍 Ensuite with 4 single beds (spots available)
👍 Dorm with 4 Bunk beds and 2 bathrooms (spots available)


Tori Mitchell
Canadian Tori Mitchell is the founder and director of Vibe Yoga. Her passion for yoga sparked while studying abroad in Mysore, India twelve years ago. Unknown to her at the time Tori would return to Mysore years later to undertake studies in Ashtanga Vinyasa after her initial training as a Hatha yoga teacher.

Pedro Olivença
From an early age Pedro showed great appetites for sports and activities that combines both physical and mental skill.

His first contact with yoga was in 2016 and in 2017 he had the first contact with AcroYoga. Since then Pedro started to combine years of knowledge from sport activities with yogic life philosophy. Pedro finds this combination has resulted in a complete, balanced and harmonious way of life he is eager to share with others.

How to reserve your spot

Send an email to to reserve your spot and have details how to pay the 50€ deposit.