Recycled Yoga Mat (no Tassels)

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Brand: 6SY
Cotton Yoga Mat (Without Tassels) - Handmade from Recycled T-shirts

Back to the Classics!
Traditionally yoga practitioners use fabric yoga rugs in India. This kind of mat is a great environmental option to help avoid using plastic in your yoga practice.

This mat is also great for outdoor practice or as an alternative to a yoga towel on top of your regular mat.

4 Available Patterns as Pictured: Limited Stock! Confirm your selection with us before ordering.


Dimensions: 1.88m x 0.71m x 4mm
Note: Handmade product dimensions may vary

Natural Materials: Recycled Cotton

Proudly Designed and Handmade in Portugal

Social Program: 2€ is reverted to our ecological program that helps nature preservation projects
6SY Members or Planet Caretakers Members: 5€ Off

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