Catarina Casadinho

Yoga, AcroYoga and Dance Enthusiast

As a mind, Catarina is passionate for the Natural world. Biologist and Environment Engineer she has worked as European project manager for the last years with the aim to heal the Planet.

Catarina is also a Foodie as a Macrobiotic and Vegetarian chef. She has had a very deep thirst for knowledge in psychology and holistic sciences since very young age. She aims to use her knowledge to better understand and promote the emergence of a better world.

As a body, Catarina is a lean and athletic women who has played several individual sports over the years. She is currently a lover of Yoga, AcroYoga and Dance. Catarina is a fan of alternative medicines as a means to overcome many physical and physiological challenges.

As a spirit, she is a free one.  She is a very strong and sensitive being, a diligent practitioner of Meditation Reiki and Aura reading. A seeker for adventure and novelty she counts more than 25 countries on her scratch map and has many dreams yet to accomplish.

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