Diana Vaz

Proudly Writer
Architecture and Yoga Passionate
Vegan and animal lover
Soul Traveler

Passionate about nature and animals since she knows herself. Travel, sea and sports are part of her life.

Her fascination with artistic expressions as a universal language of communication led her to study arts and to get a degree in architecture.

It was in Yoga that she found the best union of all the areas that fascinate her: the physical exercise and the contemplative and meditative practices, that works simultaneously on the physical, mental and spiritual levels using the body as a base instrument to progress in the subtlest layers of Being.

Taking this, Diana’s felt the need to study further. She considers herself a knowledge seeker and an eternal student. She’s a Certified Yoga Teacher (RYT500) by Abhyasa Yoga Center and Yoga Alliance Professionals, and she also has a Certificate in Yoga Kids (RYT50).

The Iyengar influence of her training made her bring into practice the taste for Asana’s (postures) architectural construction, working its precision and alignment in both internal and external space. She understands that, as in a building, that becomes more habitable if its functional aspects are to be considered, also the asana allows the body to create more space, becoming more livable, if the focus of the practice is on functionality rather than the form.

Diana’s sees the practice of Yoga as a journey to the discovery of the Higher Self and a tool for its expansion. She’s motivated by the desire to share this knowledge and to help others to become the best version of themselves and thus make this Earth a more compassionate and loving world, aspiring to the happiness of all beings, environmental awareness and preservation of nature.

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