Dominique Agnes

Ancient Soul
Yoga Passionate
Vegan Awareness Evangelist

Despite very young, Dominique shows such a sweet and ancient soul, her passion about sustainable, healthy and cruelty free world actually serves as a powerful enzyme to everyone around.

Professional Eco/Vegan Hair Dresser, as well Certified Yoga Teacher at The Museum of Yoga in Ipanema Brazil with strong foundations on Vinyasa, later on in Portugal she kept her studies in Samkya Discipline at the ConfederaĆ§Ć£o Portuguesa de Yoga.

Thirst for knowledge Dominique is always looking for new ways and get the best from every source, from Therapeutic Massages and Aromatherapy to Vegan Nutrition. Her path is the path of light, self evolution and higher levels of own consciousness.

“Allow yourself to bloom”
Dominique Agnes

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