Pedro Olivença

Eternal Dreamer
Yoga/AcroYoga Evangelist and Passionate

From an early age Pedro showed great appetites for sports and activities that combine the physical and the mental. He went through gymnastics, judo, badminton, capoeira and several other activities with connection to the sea, such as surf, kitesurf and most recently SUP.

His academic background is from Marketing and the last 19 years he is been working in the IT field, started as a webdesigner he built his career through the years working in companies like Vodafone, IBM or Deco Proteste. Currently working as a Technical Manager at Paylink Solutions, a British company held by Totamic Group as a State of the Art FinTech.

Yoga teacher certified by Abhyasa Yoga Center and Yoga Alliance Professionals Pedro has specialized internationally in AcroYoga attending and / or promoting regular jams, as well as workshops, immersions and retreats in various areas allied to AcroYoga, Thai Yoga Massage and Yoga. Pedro’s also started his studies on Thai Yoga Massage have finished the Level 1 Foundation Course with Hadadi School of Thai Massage.

Pedro’s first contacts with yoga were in 2016 and in 2017 had the first contact with AcroYoga. Since then he started to combine years of knowledge on sport activities along with the yoga life philosophy and Therapies studies resulting in a complete, balanced and harmonious way of life.

“Learn from yesterday, enjoy the present, don’t compromise tomorrow”
Pedro Olivença

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