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Creative, curious, traveler and passionate about music specially the effect it has on people, Sandra always seeks integrate what life teaches us into everything we do.

As a way to run away from the daily stress at work, Yoga appeared in Sandra’s life about 10 years ago. It wasn’t easy at first to integrate it in a daily routine, but quickly realized that it brought her the inner balance she was seeking for.

“Today, it’s something totally part of my soul! No doubt changed me for the better! ”

Certified Yoga Teacher from Yoga Alliance Professionals and Abhyasa Yoga Center (Lisbon) her classes has strong influences from Hatha Yoga, the Iyengar methodology, Vinyasa and some meditation techniques.

Advocates that the practice of yoga should be balanced and adapted to the anatomy of each person Sandra emphasizes the importance of postural alignment, using props with the purpose of providing greater comfort in students practice.

Beyond yoga, it is in meditation that Sandra finds her inner balance. More recently, she took a training in meditation by Professor Paulo Borges, which she admires.

Loves to share with others the art of “mandalas”, which she considers to be a meditative practice such she runs regular workshops on Wool Mandalas, Dream-catchers and Painting.

An eternal student and yoga practitioner, she regularly attends training courses around yoga and meditation fields. As a passionate traveler, Asia is Sandra’s main inspiration, where she ventures every year.

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